The ‘Hummels’ store on the corner of South Avenue and South Street will close in November 2018

The ‘hummel store’ at the corner and South Ave.

in Chinatown has been the focus of discussion for some time, but with a lot of pressure on the building, the owners are considering closing the store in the next few months.

The store, which had been in the building for decades, was last opened in 2009.

The owners of the ‘hummy’ store have decided to sell the property to a development company for the $300,000 price tag.

The building is located in Chinatown on the third floor of a five-storey building.

The owners have owned the building since 1995, and the building is currently occupied by the restaurant, and two bars.

It is a prime location for commercial and residential uses, as well as a popular spot for tourists to hang out.

However, this is a big deal, as the owners have faced criticism from locals who have said the building’s old and outdated appearance made it difficult for them to serve customers.

According to the owner, the landlord, Piai Holdings, did not want to renew the lease, and that the owners of ‘Hummy Store’ were not prepared to sell their property.

The owner said that she was not aware of any plans for the building to be sold, but added that the building had been undergoing renovation recently.

The ‘Hummel Store’ opened in 1979 and was known for its food.

Its name derives from a recipe for hummus that is a staple in the city’s Chinatown.

It was also a popular hangout for Chinese tourists, as it was one of the last places that they could eat food and drink on their own.

The restaurant was closed in 2014 and its owner said the current owners wanted to reopen it, and to have it open by the end of 2020.

“The landlord told us that he was not interested in renewing the lease.

We were looking for a solution to the situation, but he didn’t have one,” the owner said.

The location is a major shopping area for the neighbourhood, and was the site of the former Chinatown Chinese food hall, which closed in 2009 after almost two decades of business.

It reopened in 2011 and became the new restaurant, which was the same location as the ‘Hums’.

The owners said they had no plans to reopen ‘Hhumels’ in 2019, but the owners did offer to host an open house for customers.

However the owners said that they would consider opening ‘Humpers’ instead, as a more contemporary restaurant, with a new chef.

The current owner, who has not been named, is not sure what the future holds for the ‘holms’.

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