Why I don’t use Office 365

Microsoft is set to release Office 365, a new cloud-based version of Office that will be built on top of Azure.

But there are a few things that you may want to keep in mind when choosing to get the new version of the service.


Office 365 doesn’t include any free features Microsoft will be offering in its new version.

Instead, Office 365 will include an annual subscription to Office 365 that will provide some of the benefits of Office 365.

That subscription will cost $2,500, though you can also upgrade to Office for free if you choose.

Office for Windows is free, and Office for Android is free if Android is already installed on your device.

However, Office for iOS isn’t.

Microsoft will continue to sell Office for Apple, which will continue providing the free version of iOS, and the company will continue selling Office for Google, which is still available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Office 2016 is still in preview and will not be released until March 10.

Office 2015 is also not included in the new Office 365 version.


Office isn’t really an Office product anymore.

The new version will be called Office 365 and will be available for free.

Microsoft has not officially confirmed that Office 365 is a replacement for Office.

The company is planning to launch a new version, Office 2019, for its existing Office 365 customers, but the timing of that is unknown.

Microsoft is also keeping the company’s Office Online (MO) business alive and will eventually roll out new versions of its productivity suite as well.

Microsoft’s Office 365 team recently released a preview of its new product to the public.


Office will continue on as an online service.

Office has been available on the desktop for some time now, but that service will eventually become part of the Office 365 business.

Office Online is not a standalone application, but instead a subscription to an Office 365 subscription that will run on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft plans to roll out Office 365 on Azure to existing Office customers over the coming months.

Office 2019 is not going to be a standalone version of its Office 365 suite.

Microsoft hopes that its new offering will become the go-to productivity suite for users who have already used Office 365 for a while.


if you do end up switching to Office 2019 and are not using Office 365 to manage your documents, you’ll be stuck with the legacy version of Microsoft Office 365 (the “old” Office 365) for the foreseeable future.


You can’t purchase Office 365 without a subscription.

Office doesn’t require a subscription at all.

The subscription is an optional component of the new service that will also allow you to upgrade to a premium version of your existing Office for Mac and Office 365 service.

You don’t need to purchase a subscription if you are already a subscriber to Office Online.

If you are a subscriber, however, you will still need to upgrade the subscription every six months.

For more on Office 365 pricing, see our review of the $1,499 Office 365 Personal Edition.


Office is still supported by Office 365 subscriptions.

Microsoft says that Office is supported for Office 365 subscribers until April 25, 2019.

The service will then continue to be available as a standalone service until January 2021.

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