How the US economy got so out of hand

A $5 billion stimulus package for US manufacturers was a huge gamble on Wall Street.

But with the US debt crisis hitting the US Treasury and the economy in a tailspin, the Obama administration has been forced to abandon the plan.

Instead, President Barack Obama is proposing to take a “small step” toward stabilising the US financial system.

He is also proposing a new tax credit that would provide a $100 billion boost to businesses and households.

But this week, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced that his plan will not apply to US companies that do not sell to the US government or have employees in the US.

This means that most US companies, including big banks, will not be able to pay their US tax bill, even if they export to the country.

For companies such as American Express and Citigroup, it means that many of them will have to stop paying US taxes altogether, or at least take a hit on their profits.

For the companies that are still doing business in the United States, the loss of the tax credit is an even bigger blow than for the US itself.

For many companies, the tax credits are the lifeblood of their operations.

As part of the stimulus package, American businesses are to receive a $500 tax credit on the first $3 million of sales to the government.

For most US businesses, this is about $1 million a year.

American companies have been expecting this money.

They have spent billions of dollars lobbying Washington to support the stimulus and to make sure that the tax bill does not balloon to $5 trillion.

But now, as part of Obama’s tax package, they will be faced with the prospect of losing that tax credit.

Many of the businesses that had expected to receive the tax break have already decided to move to the Netherlands, a country that has been the source of some of the greatest economic growth in the world.

They will be paying more tax.

And some are already considering cutting their staff in the Netherlands.

For companies that rely on US exports, this will have a profound effect on their bottom lines.

In the last two years, the Dutch economy has grown by about 3% a year on average, according to the OECD.

The Netherlands is also home to the world’s biggest bank, the Volksbank, and a leading technology firm.

In 2016, the Netherlands became the world leader in global innovation, according the World Economic Forum.

And it’s not just companies that will be affected.

In addition to American companies, foreign investors are also concerned about the impact on the economy of a US tax cut.

The US has a history of being very cautious about taxing foreign countries.

It is now one of the few countries in the developed world that does not tax multinational companies, meaning that companies in the UK, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere will still be able and willing to sell their products to the United

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