A few weeks after buying a mansion, luxury office supply store returns to its roots

A few days after a big purchase, a New Jersey-based luxury office space store is back in business.

The West Coast luxury office store, with a location in the popular San Francisco Bay Area, had been shuttered for a year and a half after its former owner was evicted from the property.

It had been closed for a period of time for renovations, but that was to be put on hold until the owner could be found.

The store had closed its doors for the last time earlier this year.

Now, however, it’s back.

It opened its doors this week and announced plans to reopen next month.

Owner Robert Schaffer, who owns the space, says he has a vision for what he wants the space to be in the future.

It’s not about going back to the 1950s and making it a modern office building, but it’s about creating a modern and modern lifestyle,” Schaffer said.

It’s a new way to live in San Francisco.

And it’s going to be a lot more affordable than what I have now.”

It’s going be a place where you can get your feet wet in a business, whether it’s retail or restaurants or something else, so it’s a good place to be for millennials and for young professionals,” Schacher said.

Schaffer said he has had no complaints about his building.

He says he just wants to keep it a business that will provide the opportunity for the community.

The store was originally slated to close in 2019.

But it’s been in business since it opened in May of 2017.

Schacher said he bought the property in October of that year, with the intent to move in, and now he’s hoping to open the store in 2021.”

I’ve been doing the renovations that we’ve done for the past couple of years, and I’m hoping to have a brand new store ready to open by the end of 2021,” Schaff said.

The company has hired a professional design firm to help make the space more appealing to tenants.

And Schaffer is also hoping to make the store a home for people of all ages.”

This is not just for us, it is a family for us,” Schauer said.

He said he plans to offer some of his employees a retirement package, as well as pay for his children to attend school.

He said he hopes to make an addition to the space by the time it’s open in 2021, although he is not sure when that might be.

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