The Man Behind the Comic Book Characters of ‘Justice League’ is the Newest ‘Justice’ Movie to Hit $400 Million Worldwide

The new DC Comics movie Justice League is set to hit theaters on August 25, but the film is being pushed back to 2019, and is expected to earn about $400 million worldwide.

The studio is not releasing a release date for the film, which has been touted as the biggest superhero movie ever, but it is expected that the movie will be the biggest movie of 2019.

The film is a continuation of the Superman films, with Ben Affleck taking on the role of the titular superhero, but this is the first time a woman has played the character in the DC Comics universe.

Affleck is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and he will likely be on hand for the release of Justice League, which will be his first solo DC movie.

The movie will have a global opening, which is typically considered a record.

In 2019, Justice League will be released in theaters in the United States, but a few weeks ago, Warner Bros. Entertainment released a trailer that showed the new Justice League movie playing on the big screen in a very special way.

It showed a young Ben Affckill playing the role, and in the trailer, he looked as if he was the one who is going to be fighting Batman.

Warner Bros./DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. has been working with Affleck on the film for a long time, and fans are hoping for a very big and memorable performance from the actor.

Affckll’s performance is something that fans of the superhero film industry have been waiting for, and now that the film has been released, there is hope that we will finally get to see Affcklck’s Batman in his own film.

Ben Afflckll is going on record to say that he will not be playing Batman in Justice League.

Justice League is the latest in a line of DC Comics superhero movies that have opened in the past few years.

There is also a film in the works, and a movie starring Wonder Woman and Aquaman, but there is no sign of any other new films in the pipeline.

The new Justice league movie will mark the first superhero movie in the Batman series, which started in 1939.

The DC Comics comic book universe was created by writer John Byrne and artist John Romita Sr. in the 1960s.

It has been a long and fruitful partnership between the two creators.

The series was created in the 1970s and has seen numerous adaptations, including adaptations of Batman stories and films.

The first film was a direct sequel to the 1960 Batman movie, Batman Returns, which had been released in 1973.

The second film was titled Batman: The Killing Joke, and was directed by David Ayer, who is a huge Batman fan.

It was not the first Batman movie to be adapted into a film, as Alan Moore’s Watchmen was a sequel to Batman Forever.

The Justice League film is expected as the last film in Batman’s ongoing story.

It is expected for release sometime in 2019.

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