How to get $1.2 million for an abortion clinic in Georgia

It’s been nearly two years since Fayetteville’s last abortion clinic opened its doors, but the clinic has already received more than $1 million in taxpayer money, thanks to a series of high-profile events.

The money is the result of a state program called the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, that provides tax credits to help women pay for abortion care.

A new clinic in the Georgia city of Atlanta opened its first clinic in February, and a new clinic is scheduled to open next month in Brunswick.

The program provides $100 to $300 in tax credits for abortion providers who serve low-income women.

That means a clinic like Fayetteland, which has never opened, can claim more than a quarter of the funding it would otherwise receive from the ACA.

The ACA is the second-largest health care law in the country, after the Affordable Act, according to the Guttmacher Institute, an abortion-rights research group.

And in 2017, it became the first federal law to require abortion providers to meet standards that include admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.

But it was the federal government’s $1,250 federal tax credit that sparked interest.

As the AP’s Elizabeth Vargas reported in July, the ACA created a new tax credit for clinics that serve low income women.

So the federal money that the ACA paid out to Fayettelands first clinic was for the first time going toward a clinic that serves low-wage women.

The Fayettemania clinic had a budget of just $200,000 in 2018, according the federal agency that administers the tax credit.

Fayetteallans director of marketing, Erin Williams, said that’s about half of what a typical clinic would have.

And the ACA helped the Fayette County government recoup $300,000 of the money it lost because of the closure.

The $1-million tax credit is supposed to cover $1 billion in tax relief over 10 years for low- and moderate-income families.

But that money was going to Faysland Clinic, and Fayslanders first clinic, not to Fyansville, which was the second clinic in Fayette’s area.

The reason why Fayettealls first clinic closed was because of ACA requirements.

That was the same year that a federal judge struck down a law that barred federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sex in hiring.

The new clinic opened in Fyallsville, in a building owned by a small family-owned medical-marijuana dispensary.

In addition to providing the $100 tax credit, Fyssalls clinic also received $50,000 to $75,000 from the Affordable Health Care Act.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the tax credits were paid out in full or part of a lump sum.

That’s because the Fyessalls clinic was eligible for the $500 tax credit only if it operated under a contract with the federal health insurance agency, according.

So when the Fysellas clinic announced it was closing in February 2019, the state of Georgia awarded the Fyreland Clinic $1 in tax credit money, according Fyrells director of communications, Laura Darnell.

The state also awarded Fyellys second clinic $50 in tax benefit money.

But Darnells office said the federal tax credits paid out for the Fyxlrs first clinic had been used up.

It took Fylands second clinic about six months to pay back the $1 of the tax break, and then it was out of the loop for two more months, Darnels said.

The tax credit was supposed to be available for about one year.

But Fyells second clinic had not filed a federal tax return by then, according Darnel.

So it’s not clear if the tax benefits will be used to help Fyllys clinic reopen.

Fyollys first clinic reopened on June 3.

Fye was able to find a temporary tenant for the facility.

But because the clinic is located on private property, it can’t take advantage of the federal subsidies.

FYllys second building has yet to reopen.

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